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Adturco publishers always earn more.

Mobile Ads

The mobile advertising market is more effective and target-oriented than the traditional advertising methods.

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Our reporting system is designed to be 100% understandable and easy to use.

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- You can reach our support team shortly at any time of day, you can get all the help you need.
- You can check your dashboard to see your profits any time of day by any parameters.
- We continually update our campaigns according to market's innovations.
- We offer multiple payment methods.
- We offer services according to your needs with our long-term advertising experience.

When do I get paid ?

Payments are done complying with NET 15 terms. For example, if you earn over 50 USD 2nd and 3th week of the month, you shall be paid at Monday of 4th week of the month. Minimum amount required for payout is 50 USD. Payments for all of our publishers that exceed the payment limit will be automatically paid.

What kinds of ads will visitors of my website see ?

While creating code for your site, you can choose mainstream or adult ads. You can use mainstream ad codes in websites like game, movie, tv-series, forum. We strictly recommend to use adult ad codes for only on your adult content websites.

I have more than one website. Can I become a publisher for all of my websites?

There is no need to open a new account for each website. Generated ad codes can not be used in other websites because they are custom built. If you want to run ads for another website, you must get a separate custom built ad code for that website.

Can you give a detailed description of the routing(redirecting) process ?

Visitors who connect website via mobile carrier network will automatically leave the website and be redirected to a page from Adturco network where they will see ads. 


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